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Scientific Research

09, Jan, 2015
Environmental health hazards of e-cigarettes and their components: Oxidants and copper in e-cigarette aerosols: Lerner, C.A., Sundar, I.K., Watson, R.M., Elder, A., Jones, R., Done, D., Kurtzman, R., Ossip, D.J., Robinson, R., McIntosh, S., and Rahman, I.
Published in Environmental Pollution Abstract To narrow the gap in our understanding of potential oxidative properties associated with Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) i.e. e-cigarettes, we employed semi-quantitative methods to detect oxidant reactivity in disposable components of ENDS/e-cigarettes (batteries and cartomizers) using a fluorescein...

05, Jan, 2015
Counseling Patients on the Use of Electronic Cigarettes: Ebbert, J.O., Aqunwamba, A.A., and Rutten, L.J.
Published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings Abstract Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have substantially increased in popularity. Clear evidence about the safety of e-cigarettes is lacking, and laboratory experiments and case reports suggest these products may be associated with potential adverse health consequences. The effectiveness of e-cigarettes for...

05, Jan, 2015
Attitudes, beliefs, and practices regarding electronic nicotine delivery systems in patients scheduled for elective surgery: Kadimpati, S., Nolan, M., and Warner, D.O.
Published in Mayo Clinic proceedings Abstract Smokers are at increased risk of postoperative complications. Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS; or electronic cigarettes) could be a useful tool to reduce harm in the perioperative period. This pilot study examined the attitudes, beliefs, and practices of smokers scheduled for elective surgery...

05, Jan, 2015
E-Cigarettes: An Asset or Liability in Efforts to Lessen Tobacco Smoking and Its Consequences: Galandiuk, S.
Published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings     Every physician should agree that tobacco control and a reduction of smoking-related deaths is a desirable outcome. Holford et al1 have recently reported the dramatic reductions in premature deaths and the years of life already saved by successful tobacco control. However, much remains to be done. No single US Food...