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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The ECITA Code of Conduct is enshrined in our Terms & Conditions, which set out the rules we expect our members to respect and follow. ECITA member companies are necessarily in competition with each other, but they are also a team of like-minded people, who believe that co-operation and consolidation of ideas are paramount to developing the industry's positive impact during these uncertain times - particularly in the context of the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive. We believe that businesses can be competitive in this sector without needing to resort to 'foul play' and we expect respect for individual business practices, as well as the collective operations. ECITA was founded on the need and desire for the industry to behave in a more responsible way, and those responsibilities are just as important today. The Electronic Cigarette Industry should be proud of its achievements, and ECITA hopes that the sector will continue to build on its strengths and alway strive for improvement.

The Terms & Conditions will be coming soon...