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The ECITA name is recognised internationally as synonymous with quality standards and legal compliance, so displaying our logo on your site and promotional materials immediately tells consumers that you are a serious vendor who is genuinely committed to excellence. ECITA membership provides discounted access to a comprehensive program of support services and products, to help your business with compliance with the law as it currently stands and as it changes over time. Through our management company, VKC Regulatory and Scientific Ltd, we provide advice and support to all of our members, and wider industry colleagues, to ensure that the necessary legal measures have been followed, and that they have the correct legal documentation to prove their due diligence.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry has found itself in a fast-changing regulatory environment, and the huge regulatory changes coming via the Tobacco Products Directive in May 2016 are going to have a devastating impact on the whole sector. The costs and requirements of these new regulations will be prohibitive for many companies in the sector. Sadly, many companies will find that they are unable to comply with the new regulations, and will have to shut down or face the consequences of enforcement action and/or litigation. To respond to this situation, ECITA and VKC are working hard to create a format where the costs of these regulatory burdens can be shared, reducing the amount that each company has to invest in compliance. This includes the Toxicology Collaboration which VKC is administering on behalf of collaborators from all over the world, who wish to place products in the EU market after TPD implementation.

In light of the dramatic changes facing the sector in 2016 and beyond, ECITA has reformed itself to be able to offer help to more of the businesses in the vaping industry. We look forward to working with many more colleagues, to ensure that as many businesses as possible can continue to service their customers, and help more smokers make the switch to vaping.


  What does ECITA Membership offer?


  • Political engagement – raise your concerns to government, via a centralised voice;
  • detailed guidance document on what the notifications for TPD will require;
  • discounts on Guides and Toolkits, available from VKC;
  • access to a range of approved peripheral suppliers offering products and services at discounted rates to ECITA members; and
  • use of the ECITA logo.

ECITA believes in the future of this industry and the continued raising of standards. This is why ECITA is involved in some very exciting investments, and political engagement:

  • British Standards Institution PAS 54115 - published July 2015;
  • active involvement in the CEN Technical Committee 437 on developing European standards for the sector, with ECITA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Tom Pruen, being Convenor of the Working Group on Eliquids;
  • the creation of an extensive database for toxicological profiling of flavouring compounds used in e-liquid;
  • developing new testing methodologies, protocols and equipment for vapour emissions analysis; and
  • ongoing dialogues with enforcement agencies, policy makers and government bodies, such as Trading Standards, National Measurements Office (NMO) and the Department of Health in the UK, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, as well as various European Institutions.
  • We are also working with a dedicated group at the House of Lords on Age Verification for Online Sales.


How does my company apply for membership?

You can download the registration form for ECITA Membership here.

Just fill it out and email it back us, at support@ecita.org.uk.
Alternatively, you can ring us on: 01639 710558 or
write to us: ECITA (EU) Ltd, 29, Lletty Dafydd, Clyne, Neath. SA11 4BG

ECITA membership is a unique opportunity to be involved in shaping the future for this exciting young industry, and we hope you will join the team that's driving it forward.


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