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ECITA: Industry Standard of Excellence, Public Edition

01 : Industry Standard of Excellence

Monday, November 3, 2014

Members of ECITA offer, you, their customers the highest quality, fully legally-compliant and tested products. Legal compliance can be costly, with investments of both money and time, but it's a vitally important part of any business. Laws and regulations must be complied with if consumers are to be protected, and businesses wish to continue their operations. There are many EU and national regulations which apply to electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, with signficant quantities of documentation required in order to demonstrate a product's compliance. With the proper procedures in place, supported by the correct documentation, and audited by ECITA, you can be confident that ECITA Members' products are of the highest quality, and tested regularly to ensure they are safe.

ECITA provides its members with the advice, help and support they need to reduce the burden of compliance, freeing them to be able to focus on bringing innovative new products to the market, and reaching out to the ever-growing market of consumers. To assist our wider industry colleagues, as well as providing the resource to policy-makers, regulators, consumers and anyone else who might have an interest in the regulation of this sector, we are making ECITA's ISE publicly available for the first time. You can download the Industry Standard of Excellence Chapters here and the Annexes as a separate document here. Alternatively, you can navigate around the document in the Table of Contents, or roam this area of the website, to use the ISE as a reference document.