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Industry Standard of Excellence (ISE)

Members of ECITA, wish to provide, you, their customers with the best products that they possibly can. Legal compliance can be costly, financially and time wise, bit it's a very impotant part of any business and must be done if consumers are to be protected and businesses wish to continue to trade. There are many EU and Members state regulations that apply to electonic cigarettes and e-liquids, lots and lots of paperwork that needs to be completed, just to enable vendors to bring you great quality, safe products.

ECITA provides its members the advice, help and support they need to reduce the burden of compliance, whic in turn allows them more time to concentrate on bringing you good quality products that you want to buy. To give you some idea of the number of legal requirements, that are required for the compliance of the products you use, you can download the Industry Standard of Excellence here.  We are sure you will appreciate, how seriously ECITA members take your wellbeing and safety.